by Inmates
March 2008

Shattered Dreams

A beautiful little girl with dreams of a brighter day;

Dreams shattered by a beast that took her childhood away.

Innocence gone, the punishment for being bad;

Yet a naïve child still calling him dad.

Latasha Humphries



As I gaze at a reflection I feel I barely know;

From a child to a woman, I see this image grow. A reflection of laughter, a reflection of peace;

And yet a reflection of a hopeless beast. Pain rooted deep within, hidden tears and soft cries;

Acts of rebellion seen by blind eyes. Cries for help fallen upon deaf ears;

But hide all emotion, you can’t show your fear.

Latasha Humphries


Molested at 5

Molested at 5
Cooking, cleaning and babysitting at 6
Raped at 8
Smoked first cigarette and first joint by 9
Was screwing a 20-year-old man at 10
Had my first child at 14
Dropped out of school in the 9th grade
Went to job corps at 15
Had my first abortion at 15 too
Moved out on my own at 16
Found an under-the-table job at 18
Had second child at 19
Had second abortion at 20
Went to Cambridge Tech at that time
Started smoking crack at 21
Been locked up since 22
Just turned 42
My life in a nut shell 

Belinda C.



Peeling off the layers one by one

And laying them out in the light of the sun

Inside and out we’re now exposed

Nothing to hide, and look how it shows.

Dawn Staples Jones



P: Pallbearer - I was carrying my own self in that coffin. I felt I was living in a world of death. I had no feelings; didn't want to feel--blackroom.

A: Abandon - Withdrew myself from protection because I've been hurt for so long. Left behind was how I've always been treated.

I: Ice - I was in a state of coldness. I didn't want to be kind because no one was kind to me and even if they were, I felt like it was a trick.

N: Nameless - I didn't want anyone to know my name because I figured you couldn't figure me out to see me enough to know what's going on.

Monique Coe


Shattered Hearts

Wake up, I’m so alone, afraid, why? Why? I look inward;

Inward, honestly, I look at my heart,


Shattered.  Broken in pieces,Pieces that need to be touched by someone,Someone larger than myself;

Myself, the cause of the brokenness. 

My way.

My way.  Self.

Self-pity, self-indulgence,

Gone wrong,
Wrong love, wrong addictions, love given cheaply away,


I want to run,
Run and not look, not feel,

Feel a pull. 

A pull towards pure love,
Love that knows no end.  

Love that doesn’t use or leave me empty,

Empty, emptying myself to God, the one who made me,

Me, the true me.  I look curiously . . . Now,

Now, not alone, a heart softened, healed,

Healed by the master’s hands.  My heart,

Heart made whole, by a love that heals shattered hearts.

Claudia Olivieri