by Inmates
June 2008

Just a Free Prayer Away
by Victor Johnson


How much did you spend on your phone service? How many times have you called your friends or family just to hear the answering machine?

How much do you spend each month for internet access?  How often have you emailed someone, but you never got a response? Do you know what I mean?

How much have you spent on envelopes and stamps for all the letters that you write?  How disappointed did you feel when they didn’t write you back right away?

How much do you spend when you get down on your knees and pray?  Is it cheaper if you pray in the morning, afternoon, evening, or any other time of the day?

Have you prayed for a specific thing that God has ever forgotten or ignored? Or is he just waiting for the right time, or just waiting for all of your faith?

You can spend hundreds of dollars on phones, computers, envelopes, and stamps every day.

I just want you to never forget that Jesus is just a free prayer away.


inspired by Matthew 7:7-11


I Am
by Jessie Mabrey


I AM an artistically blessed woman

I AM able to express myself creatively
   through the written and spoken word, art, and vocal performance

I AM a woman of peace
I AM a lover of nature
I AM a student of the world
I AM a humble servant of the Heavenly Host

I AM a “pebble in the pond” of life, a willing soul
   in the expansion of the pond into a lake, the lake into
   a river, and river into the sea of life

Complacency is not in my nature

I AM self-based: self-confident, self-controlled, self-determined, and self-sufficient

I AM self-motivation personified

I AM incarcerated physically

I AM free spiritually

I AM woman