Spending or Investing

by Aaron Bass
September 2008


One thing that I always ask myself is, “Am I spending or investing in my life?” I heard this on the radio and it’s been in my heart ever since.

As a Christian, I would like to think that I invest at all times. When reading Matthew 6:19-24, I begin to have a much richer understanding of how to invest spiritually. In this day and time, this world revolves around materialism and one spending his life trying to enjoy the material objects. When we invest our lives more toward spiritual things in heaven, we also will be investing in our natural lives in this world.

Nothing of this world will fill the void that is continually in our hearts.

It’s really only by Jesus Christ, I believe, that this void may be filled, and I speak the truth when I say that he will fill you with all goodness. I would much rather invest in heaven which, in return, will give me eternal life more than the things of this world will give. Just look at what St. Peter and St. John said in the book of Acts 3:3-7: “I don’t have any silver or gold. But, I’ll give you what I have in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Get up and walk.”

Now, these brothers knew about investing, right?

I pray in the name of Christ that whoever reads this narrative will look at his or her life and ask, “Am I spending or investing my life?” Start investing every second of every day toward the place Jesus taught us to invest in: “where moths and rust do not destroy” – heaven.