A Wife's Prayer

by James Dayton
September 2008


Last night, after 8:00, I opened my Bible, got on my knees, and started to pray as I do every night. But, last night was different, and the Lord moved me to tears.

He touched my heart in a way that can’t be explained, and all I could do was rejoice and praise him for all the answered prayers of others. See, brothers, as we change and our minds become renewed, we let a lot of our old world go. And as we become comfortable in our new world and see good fruit from our labors, we tend to pat ourselves on the back and forget how we got where we are.

Last night the Lord showed me it wasn’t my efforts to change that got me to where I am now, but it was him fulfilling the prayers of a virtuous woman. My wife told me not long ago that she used to pray over me when I was asleep. For years and years my wife has been asking God to come into my life. See, brothers, she asked and God put his plan into motion, and the laborers he sent to me were mighty men of God.

He worked on my heart and the doors opened that were never there before. Brothers, when we think of all the people around us – our families, our friends, our brothers and sisters in the Body – and know that they want the best for us and pray for our needs and safety, the Lord hears them and sometimes we see their prayers manifest in our lives. All glory to God.

So, when we think things happen of our own accord, know that they may just be the manifestation of someone’s prayer for you, and without God none of it would be possible. Today, I look at my wife in a new light. In the book of Ephesians (5:25), it says, “Husbands, love your wives even as Christ also loved the church and gave himself for it.” Wow, what a wonderful statement.

Brothers, when we start to think like that, a whole new world opens up, and as you give your families and friends and wives your total devotion and love, when you show them that you cover them in prayer and protection, things change, and then it doesn’t matter where you are – in prison or on the other side of the world.

You become that man of integrity and a functioning part of your family and your place at the head of it. That’s what God wants for us. Brothers, there are so many women in our churches and at the pulpit praying that we stand up and be the kings and priests he calls us to be (see the book of Revelation, 1:6). And I ask God right now – today – that one of their prayers manifest in your life as my wife’s manifested in mine.

So, know that our labor and good fruit only come from the grace of God. Praise him and love those around you, for it’s in their labor and prayer that we are molded.