The Land of the Broken Toys

by Yati Florida
August 2009


I heard a lady stricken with A.I.D.S. say, “This is the land of the broken toys.” Neglected, abused, mentally, physically, and sexually since the time of being little girls. Mangled and then discarded for life and shipped to the land of the broken toys, leaving their children behind, who often end up broken.

We pretend that we are not broken. We cover up the breaks, the wounds, and the tears. We staple, tape, and sew together new material onto the old; but the breaks, wounds, and tears get worse. Sometimes going unnoticed.

Some of us do not truly realize that we are broken and so we embrace the brokenness, then use it to our advantage, mainly against others that are broken. There are various degrees of the broken, some much worse that others. Yet all are broken. Some of us wonder, “How can I be fixed?”

But, I have found that there is healing in this land if we seek the healer who fixes the broken. One lady asked, “Well, what kinda fix? Seroquel or pain killers, something to take the edge off?” Or a lover of my same make and model, one who understands me, one who is also broken?” (No, not those kinds of fixes.)

The Healer, the One who fixes is not exactly visible to the naked eye, but if we were to diligently seek him with our whole but broken heart, we shall find him. Look up! He is here. He can make us whole and new.

A broken toy then becomes a treasured gift.