This Ride

a poem by Charlene Overbey
July 2009


Rainbows of emotion
     play through this place
at once, immense, fleeting,
     sitting in my mind
as if I’m watching lived lives
     all around me. Separated,
I see sadness, despair,
     loss of the fullest
attachment to things, people
     already lost
just unknown to new faces –
hidden fear in the image of anger
     loud and distracting.
Look at me! Look at me!
Someone, please, validate me.
congestion, middle of the road
searching, mending, acceptance,
disillusioned hope, perhaps
     you will survive, chosen to thrive,
tempers flare, distorted feelings of offense,
lines ignored, boundaries no longer exist,
false esteem
love in unlikely places
kiss from the strongest faces
Love need
filling holes in hearts, minds, souls,
clinging to inevitable loss,
lifetime of cycles in a single day.
Any morning
     someone’s time has come
     this ferris wheel
     for her
     has stopped.
can’t help but feel her
tears, fears, hopes, dreams
you can’t cover, hide on the day of release.
     I am jealous
as I sit in my seat
still at the top of the wheel
     swinging in the wind
     back and forth
waiting for the ride to begin
Years disappear:
remember who I was
     who I am,
always wondering
     who I will be
soon, when this ride
     Stops for me.