by Johnie Sampson
December 2009


You judge me because the things I bestowed upon your society. But, at the same time, in my mind I knew no wrongdoing.


Because, in my life, negativity was my leader, and I always followed the leader, until my negativity was contained and transformed into something else:


How did this become of me?

It happened when I sat alone in a concrete cell for three months by myself, and I started to understand the wrong that I did hurt not only myself, but everyone in my life.

Now the circumstances left Hurt in its wake, and it can’t be fixed.

But, at least today, I can understand I did wrong. I regret every bit of the wrong I did, and ask for forgiveness from the man with no face or form – God! Now, my thoughts rest in silence, but they are not silent.

What future I have after this can only be resolved by time.