My Walk With Christ

by Van Do
March 2010

I am currently incarcerated in a county jail in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.  I’ve been here almost 3 years.  I’ve had a lot of time to think and really live. Most importantly, I’ve learned to keep up and walk with Christ the way He wants me to.

Before being jailed, I worked, worked and worked.  I was titled a ‘financial investor’.  I can say I made a pretty good living at times, and was almost about to start a career.  Being only 26, I can say I was doing pretty good.

In the midst of this, I had an on-and-off-again relationship with a girl.  I can say I love her, still.  But, not like I did.  It’s a different kind of love.  Again, before all this, we decided, ‘Hey, let’s settle down and try to make a baby’.
Added to this, I decided to quit my job, sell all my material things, and start going to churches, and exploring the ones that take advantage of their people.  For example, abusing the word, or interpreting the word in a way for money.  Basically, selfish gain.  Taking advantage of people.  Trying to sell salvation, and those trying to buy it.

You see, from around 2001-2006 I was on the run.  It was about 5 years.

2001 was a calling to come to jail, because He had His plan for me.  In my heart I heard Him calling, but, like Jonah, I ran.

I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior at 11 years old.  It was Timothy Holt who invited me to church one day.  It was Bethany Church in Alhambra, CA that I accepted Christ.  I really didn’t know how much that meant until now.

For a very long time, I always thought churches were bad, because I always thought they brain wash people or what not, just to get money.  And really, some churches do.  I never really opened a bible to read on my own, or had gone to church for that matter.

In 2006, a week before God had sent His whale to catch me and put me in jail, I basically said I was ready when I wanted to quit my job, etc…I was tired of waiting.  I wanted to help underdogs.  I just wanted to do good.  With the baby thing and all, God had a different plan.

The day I got arrested was the day I started seeing the Spirit of the Lord. No words can ever explain your experience with the Lord.  All I know is it's just beautiful when His plan starts to unravel in front of your eyes.  That day was the first day I accepted being saved by Him and accepted His blessings.

Jail was one of the best things God could have done for me.  In here the most important thing I did was, not reading or studying the Bible, His Word, but learning to live it.  And that’s the key.

Besides, getting a real chance [of course with no other choice], I accomplished my goal of quitting smoking.  I’m healthy, in shape, and my mind, my heart, and sins are cleared.  Praise God!

I learned by picking up the Bible by myself, and wanting the Lord’s Word all on my own.  I let it talk to me the way God intended to.  I didn’t have a chaplain, priest, or Father interpret it for me.  The Spirit did it face to face, and one on one gradually.  1 John 2:21 says the Spirit will teach us the truth.  And it did.  Can’t anyone take this away from me.  Only God.

Nobody can water the Word down, or lie to me saying the word says this or that.  I know the Word.  I’ve read it on my own.  I know what it says and doesn’t.  Granted, I don’t have it memorized word for word.  I’ve read it on my own.  But I know to keep it basic and I know His will.

I had to pick up my own cross and follow.  I found out what it meant to need God in my life, and how other people needed God in my life.  What I realized is when you want God, and really need Him in your life, you’ll get close to Him down.  I also learned it’s not about going to a church, reading the Bible, or doing good deeds that gets you into heaven.  It’s about the relationship.  Matt 7:21-23.  That’s what gets you in, through Him.

Believe me, I chased Him down.

I realized today some churches make it complicated to follow God, and that can discourage people at times.  And a lot of people don’t really know the Word, like they think they do.  They are still stuck on the ten commandments.  There is a big gap that needs to be filled with the truth.

And as a barer of the Truth it’s my duty to start filling the gap.  And that’s why I’m here, in jail.  People here need truth.

What I’ve learned and have seen is what I explained previously.  People are too caught up on being right or it says this or that.  I’m with this denomination or whatever.  And that doesn’t matter.  His message is simple, you know?  But churches these days actually do worship a different Holy Spirit.  And that’s money.  1 Timothy 6:10.  The gag is getting bigger.
All I want to do and am doing now is bringing the truth.  And I have.  You see, I don’t want money, a big church, or a big congregation.  I just want to bring the truth and stop corruption, and prevent waste.  God didn’t want me to have a baby just yet; especially out of wedlock, when my mind and heart wasn’t even ready.  Not to mention a dying world out there.  He didn’t want me to walk into a church and pull their card.  He wanted me to resurrect His kingdom.  He started the Ark foundation with me.  A resurrected kingdom is what it stands for.  He wants me to make His church right!

I’m not here to use fear to bring people to Christ.  I don’t push it on people.  I can only live Christ until someone asks.  Then I talk when they want it.  I can only give them the truth.

What people don’t understand is people need to come to Christ on their own.  When they do, it’s from the heart. That’s when it lasts and it’s for real.  Not because someone instills fear, like “hey, the end of the world is coming” type stuff, you know?

I can tell you this much.  I will do the Lord’s will regardless, because I love Him.  Even if I know right now no matter what I do, that I’m still going to hell?  I will still do the Lord’s will and preach the Good News.  I’ll go the hell if He wants me to.

You see?  I don’t go to church,  read the Bible, walk with Him, or do His will cause I think it’s gonna get me into heaven.  I do it cause I want to.  I’ll go where He needs me to.  I’m a soldier of Christ.  I live by faith.  I depend on Him.  My life belongs to Him.  He does as He pleases with me.

2 Corinthians 13:5 asks us to test ourselves to see if our faith is genuine. So my questions are:  If you are a “Christian”, how are you one?  How do you need God?  How do you know?  How do you depend on Him?  How do you live by faith?  If you were a 3rd world country, where they persecute Christians, would you still be one?  Or if you know that there was no place in heaven for you , even through Christ, would you still be kind, do good deeds, go to church, preach, or read the Bible, or walk with Him?  What have you done for God lately?  Get in the Spirit.  I don’t need the answers returned.  But your heart might.  Please do yourself a favor and do so.

Live it real.  To some of these questions the answers will be, “Well my mom’s  Christian, so I am”, or ”because I’ve been going to church all my life”, or “raised in a church,  I am”.  Those answers are great.  But sometimes it’s just the social thing to say.  There are very few that can be called brother or sister in faith.  Only the shepherd will care for His flock, because he is genuine.

Remember certain scriptures apply to you more than it does other people. Some will stick out more to you because they are meant for your journey only.  And you won’t know until you read it for yourself.  

May God be with you and continue to bless you with His mercy, love, peace and grace.  I really hope there was something in this letter for you.  My final thought is if you have never been in the dark, how do you know how bright the light can be?

As I write this letter it’s not about pushing people away.  I write this to help grow genuine followers of the Way, in search of my brothers and sisters of the Truth, to also share the truth, and this is only the gist of it..  I really enjoyed writing this letter.  Thank you.  Without you reading it, it wouldn’t have meaning.  Maybe you’ll feel the same.

Van Do