Willing to die for Christ to live
by Tywon Ransom
April 2010

My transformation from living the life to dying to live with Jesus

I’m recently incarcerated in a San Bernardino County Jail.  My testimony of life in this world is no match for life with Christ.

I was born and raised in church and living right following God.  As time passed and the years got many for me, I fell into this world of sin and worthless life.  

As a 15 year old I was arrested for a gun and weed possession, and I did my time, which was 1 month and 1 year probation. While I was in jail for that, I prayed and asked God to forgive me and help me out of that place, because it wasn’t made for me.

Now I did get out, and I thanked God for his help, because he was the only one that could get me out. He did because he loved me and cared for me. Meanwhile, I forgot that I told him I would not go back to my old ways, and I would stop the things I was doing before to get me in that kind of trouble.

I guess I forgot, because I fell right back into place of sin in the world.  I was making money and holding guns again, and messing with any and every female that would give me a chance to have sex with her.  

I never once realized that I vowed to God back in that cell that I wouldn’t do the very things I went back to doing.

I was doing good "in my eyes." I was going to school everyday.  I was seeing my probation officer once a week on time, and I was staying out of trouble, but it was all wrong in God’s eyes because I turned away from him after promising I wouldn’t.  Under stress I asked for his help and forgiveness and he gave, but I just received and didn’t give back.

Six months after getting out of jail for the gun and weed, and receiving God’s forgiveness and lovingkindness, I became a suspect for a murder.  I guess it’s not always what you do, but what people accuse you.  Also, it’s not who you know, but who all accuse you.  I was suspect with just getting out of jail for a gun and still being on probation.

I got scared and went on the run. They labeled me as armed and dangerous, and they raided my grandmother’s house looking for me and didn’t find me there.  

They put me on San Bernardino’s most wanted and also America’s Most Wanted.  Now I was on the run for about 1 year and 2 months.  Then I got arrested out of state with a gun and pills, and the end came along.  But never once did I forget to ask God for his help and strength and to hold me so I wouldn’t fall.  But don’t think that I ran because I was scared of the police and going to jail, because I know I’m innocent.

However, I was afraid of the Lord our God and afraid of what he would do to me for promising not to go back to worldly and the fleshly desires and wants for this world.  So I tried to run away from God and escape from him.

But we need to understand that God wants us to run to him.  So he can be our protection and shield from the devil and evil that waits for us to run away from him. I ran and still went on doing wrong in his sight, but not one day went past that I didn’t pray to my Lord and thank him for the hard days, just as well for the good days too.  God always gets what he wants at the end, no matter how long it takes. He always win.

More on when the end came—I knew what time it was: “to get my life right and give it back to my God.“  Now I’m recently fighting for my life for a murder that I didn’t do.  But I got God and I know what he wants from me: to receive his help and deliverance, because my life and soul are being taken, and they want it forever.  

Only God can judge me.  I see the light and way and I ask him to direct my steps as I walk on his path.  I have faith that my lord has delivered me out of the devil’s hand, and I just need to have faith in Jesus who never lost a battle.

Most people might think to themselves that I’m turning to God because I’m in jail and because life in prison is what I’m facing.  Which is also true, but don’t think that I’m just starting to go to God. I’m turning back to God so he can save me, because he’s the only one Almighty God that can.  We just have to have faith and trust.

Faith is dead without works, so now my work’s is testifying that God is alive and living and so real.  If we believe in him, everything else do matter because he never lied or broke a promise.  We do the lying and breaking vows, but he will forgive no matter what the situation may be.  Just love him and he will love you.  Ask and you may receive, but trust me he will get what he wants at the end of time:  You!  Because that’s all God wants and desires, is to have us.

Just to let you know, God is alive and real.  He’s loving, caring and forgiving, and the God of Love.  When you feel alone and you don’t care about nothing, not even yourself, he does.  He’s right there every moment that passes.

I can say I’m done with the wrong, because I’m only a fresh 19-year-old. I have seen and done the most and enough to say I’m done. It’s enough to God because he put me here to see and listen to him, and understand that everything I’ve done in my past is washed away as long as I live.  Now I am walking with the Lord and trying to gain his most high respect, because at the end that’s what you going to need the most.

I lived the street life, and it’s nothing but a life lost in the wind, because you’ll never profit nothing at all. Just memories, and nobody ever wins in that life. It never lasts forever. Trust me. But God on the other hand wins, never loses, and has everlasting life to offer to everyone. We just have to want to be with him and trust, believe, live right in his eyes, and have faith. Pray, because it does change things.

I thank God, because I thought he would be mad at me for promising to change the last time, and for God to get me out of a situation that only he could help me get out of again. He’s a forgiving God.I pray that this can help someone, because God is alive and Jesus is with you when nobody else is.

So the next time you get to your breaking point, like putting a gun to your own head and playing with the safety hoping it just blow all your pain away, look to God because he loves you and will comfort you at any and all times.

Just call on him. He’s there. Look to him and you will see that you're not alone. Trust God and you will make it through all, as long as God is at your side, because “If God is for me, who can be against me?”  

All have redemption in Jesus Christ!