From the Other Side (of the fence)

by Johnie Sampson
April 2010

I’ve fixed my eyes to freedom,
but there are days it seems beyond calculation.

Hope seems to float in, and out of my mind,
like a wave pushing and then pulling
away from the shore.

My thoughts drift like a balloon that
has been let go by a child into the sky.

And yet I stare at four walls that surround
me 24 hours a day.  I am not free, I am
a prisoner of my own faults and mistakes I’ve

Only by my mind am I free of this misery,
loneliness, and the staleness that surrounds me.

My only friend is the person I see when I look into the mirror, but I ask myself, “Canhe be trusted?”  

I have no choice, but to
wait until I am reborn into this world.
Only then will I be free.

Until then, I am only a vessel in a cell,
and my only purpose is to survive, and
walk out of here with my mind intact.

Only then, will my Debt be paid in full.