Mistakes 143 - May 2010
Patience, Study, Listen, Believe

by Demetrius "Hook" Mitchell



Here is my latest column a few weeks into being transitioned to San Quentin State Prison from county jail in Oakland, California, and we’ve been on lockdown of late.

This is my third term (third different prison number) and my last.

I have given both of my prior numbers back to the state system. I call it the University, because I receive so much information during my term. For instance, I have been working on Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis, and my horizon has broadened by leaps and bounds. I have learned words through the first three chapters like “gauche,” “gyne,” “gamas,” and other words that, if I mention them to my current peers, these words will be over their heads.

There are stories of my legacy still; the one that my eyes widened to was that I dunked over MJ (Michael Jordan), just to name one. I have always said that there are about 8 million stories to my legacy.

I have been up to my old tricks, or shall I say studying patterns. I have numerous ideas, tons of workout regiments for all ages, especially for the youth. I have even written a sequel to my “Do You Want to Learn How to Fly” book, and the sequel is, “The 24 Laws of Jumping.”

Right now, I have a lot of time. I have recently been in reception (23-1/2 hours lockdown). So, my time is well-spent.


My current situation causes me to listen to the people I am currently around. I show respect for their opinions, which was the essence of the system in which democracy was built on. My condition is based on my mutual tolerance and my growth as a person.

I’ve learned that there are times that try all of our souls, but it’s how we handle them that reveals an individual’s growth.

Even though I live in a highly segregated environment, due to the racial and ethnic behavior inside, I still find humor due to the fact that we are locked down – and as the Mexican car is one of the most close-knit unions: I workout with them, and as they yell out the exercises I fall into suit with them; I’m working out with two of their different ‘cars’ (smile).

Now, as Mr. Rob Stone, The Fader Magazine co-founder, would say, “Hook keeps it interesting.”

I haven’t shot a basket of hoops yet, but you can place a wager on almost anything that, as soon as I have a pair of tennis shoes, I will be out there.


H-O  #3 OAT (#3 playground legend of all-time)



Editor’s Note: RED! columnist, Demetrius ‘Hook’ Mitchell is considered by many of his peers as one of the greatest basketball players in history not to play in the National Basketball League, largely as a result of a former prison term. He’s regarded as one of the top 3 Streetball basketball players of all time. The award-winning film on his life is “Hooked: The Legend of Demetrius Hook Mitchell”.



Demetrius "Hook" MItchell

Demetrius "Hook" Mitchell


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